Eye Connect Dots can handle your priorities by connecting you to corporate professionals, celebrities, guest speakers, sponsors and much more at little to no cost to you. In business today outsourcing is ideal. Stay Connected!

About Eye Connect Dots


"Connecting The Dots" is difficult without the relationship of... EYE CONNECT DOTS!

Eye Connect Dots provides what needs to happen if you want to connect disparate pieces of information about an event, fund raisers, idea, project, person, organization, or entity. We persuade both the difficulty and the value of such an effort with and without the relationship. The need is widely felt, whether you're trying to connect the dots on customers in business, sponsors for sponsorships, partners in partnerships, projects and/or events. 

Let Eye Connect Dots Get You Connected To Our "A" List!

About Kina McFadden, Founder & CEO

Kina McFadden was born and raised in the "Golden West" side of Fresno, CA. She is seasoned in hosting events, event planning, marketing, coordinating, public speaking, public relations and inspirational singing. She is driven by her love and passion for people especially the youth. Kina has spent more than fifteen years devoting her life to building relationships in the community of Fresno, County and also world-wide.

Ms. McFadden began her career in Special Events and Marketing for the Tachi Palace Casino before her divine appointment as the Event and Talent Coordinator for United One Productions with the well-known fundraisers called "The Christian Music Awards" and "The Celebrity Golf Tournament". During her years of event directing, she co-founded and held the position as Marketing Director of, is is currently the CEO/Founder of "Eye Connect Dots". Today, she sits on several boards, committees and collaborations like "Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back To Life" & "Take A Stand". She tries to attend every meeting, mixer or social event in town. She loves to SERVE in her community. 

Ms. McFadden has contracted with many events that were big and small, from Los Angeles, New York to Europe with stops in between. From organizations like BET, MTV, OSCARS, GRAMMY's, Showtime, TBN, GMC, CAA, William Morris and Sony Gospel to name a few. 

Ms. McFadden's leadership. service skills unwavering commitment to excellence will continue to help our communities world wide one event at a time. 

Her Mission is to please her Heavenly Father, her beautiful children, her amazing mother and her much needed communities with main attracted events, block parties, programs, mixers, workshops, clinics and fundraisers. 

Proverbs 31:25-31

Kina "Cook" McFadden Favored Quote:

"If me and my folks love you and your folks, like you and your folks love me and my folks, you will never see folks love folks so well, since folks been folks." By Great Great Grandpa Cook, R.I.P.